“…A masterful phrasing and articulation… With clear and sparkling cantatas she understood to internalize and bring to light the music of Mozart.”

Berchtesgadener Anzeiger

“With incredible amount of feeling and expression E. Pastor gave the piece [Mozart Piano Concerto K. 488] vitality and merged into the composition with the orchestra.”

Ruhr Nachrichten

“Elegantly directed the fingers over the keys, easy seemed their play. She played, sometimes romantic, dreamy, tender, thoughtful and sometimes furious but always with her whole body.”

Laufender Tagblatt

“The young Russian pianist E. Pastor is certainly one of the outstanding talented young artists.”

Traunsteiner Tagblatt

“E. Pastor played with a highly differentiated emotionally and intellectually sense of sound, “interspersed” with fine lyricism.”

Traunsteiner Tagblatt

“Transparency, clear artistic perspectives, and a quasi pointillist sensibility characterized the interpretation.”

Traunsteiner Tagblatt

“Rarely is a concert so physical, so theatrical, based on the pianist and on the interpretation.”

Nordbayerischer Kurier

“The notes to those discovered in the sense that realizes the virtuosity of the highest pitch: as a pure expression of a poetic virtue.”

Nordbayerischer Kurier

“She is rough and tender at the same time and does not forget the poetic soul of the composer despite the rapt audience because of her pure virtuosity pageantry and her thundering over the piano keys.”

General Anzeiger

“She demonstrated once again how much she a “Prima Donna” is in her instrument.”

Oberbayerisches Volksblatt

“The striking and impressive play of the young Russian woman wowed the audience.”

Westfälische Rundschau